How to play

Everyone can play:

Clues are tricky, but no special skills or knowledge is required. Communicate with each other, search the rooms carefully, and if you get stuck, move on to another area or a different puzzle.

Games will begin with a briefing by our staff, where we’ll review the rules and answer any questions. Then, you’ll be led into the room and your countdown to escape will begin. Although these games are challenging, don’t worry – you’ll have fun whether you escape or not! Plan on spending a total of about 90 minutes with us from start to finish.

Some suggestions and tips!
Communicate openly with everyone in the room. Share clues you’ve uncovered. Work together to solve puzzles. If you discover new information, be sure everyone in the room knows about it.


Follow the rules:

Our staff will review the rules of the game with you before you begin, which include:

• Never use force to try to open locked items.
• Do not break any items to solve the puzzle.
• Cell phones and other electronic devices can not be used inside the room.

Be sure you arrive on time! Leave time to find parking and find our location. If you arrive after the door to the room has been locked, you will not be allowed to participate, and there are no refunds or exchanges permitted. 

So what’s the prize for escaping? Besides the tremendous pride, excitement, sense of accomplishment, respect for teammates you’ll feel if you’re one of the few clever teams to make your way out of the room, you’ll also be able to take some awesome group photos to share and remember the game.

Please do not spoil the fun of the games for other participants by revealing answers to puzzles and clues.